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Artificial Intelligence in Printing *

This is an experiment.

We put these four words: "artificial intelligence in printing" into an AI article generator.

See, what was created in less than six seconds:

* according to Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence in Printing

Artificial intelligence is transforming the printing industry by helping companies to analyze and evaluate customer data to provide personalized services.

With AI, sales staff can find prospects, generate leads, identify customer needs, and calculate purchase probabilities more accurately and quickly.

It can also make product recommendations based on user preferences and up/cross-selling opportunities.

AI is already being used successfully in some areas of sales by printing industry companies, including performing predictive lead scoring, forecasting, and dynamic pricing.

In the t-shirt printing industry, AI can revolutionize the entire process from receiving and managing orders to production workflows, customer communication, artwork approval, production automation, and sales and marketing automation tasks.

AI can also tackle printing errors and prevent potential irregularities and discrepancies.

As technologies such as AI, big data, 5G network, extended reality comprising AR & VR, and machine learning continue to evolve, the printing industry can benefit from increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved customer satisfaction.

We are impressed! Although...

... well, we are not arguing with the content of this computer manufactured article.

But here, at Robert Breitbach Consulting, we have a different approach.

One might call us "old school". This makes us proud.

Our work takes time. Our trade is people. Humans.

We leave room for emotions, individuality and identity.

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